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Everyone wants to look good, everyone wants to feel special, everyone wants to be fashionably correct, everyone wants comfort, and everyone wants the most out of the spent money. But how? Clothing is one thing that is essential for building our looks, in fact our overall personality. However, fashion clothing is just not enough! We need fashion accessories that go with our clothes and of course with our personality. These fashion accessories, most of the time, define the amount of charm we carry with us everywhere we go. So, what are the top fashion accessories that can change us from simpleton girls to a trendy gals!

Fashion Jewelery
Jewelery is special for every woman and why shouldn’t it be when it can enhance the beauty of any dress! Necklaces, bangles, earrings, bracelets and a whole lot of costume jewelery is there for you in every color, price and style. Whether worn for ethnic or modern look, whatever the choice of jewelry may be, it should bring elegance along with it.

Tips to choose fashion jewelery

    • Decide what’s your budget before setting out to buy jewelery.
    • Look for the jewelery in your pre decided price range. If you feel sales persons are making you frustrated, then search online by price, color, jewelry style and other jewelry descriptives on your mind.
    • Decide whether you want jewelery for playful, casual, glamorous or elegant looks. Then choose the jewelery that suits the required look. Gems or semi precious gems can look elegant or glamorous. Jewelery with beads and stones can give a casual or fun look.
  • When buying earrings, consider the shape of your face as well as the dress which you’ll wear it. Dangle earrings suit round faces while round earrings go well with thin or longer face.
  • Ankle bracelets show off long legs, especially with short skirts. So decide accordingly, whether you want to highlight your legs or not. Understated high heels with a small golden chain anklet give a very glamorous look but never try it with fishnet stockings. It won’t look good.
  • When wearing casual dresses like jeans, go for matching casual jewelery like a choker made up of hemp fiber or something made of leather or silver.
  • Try to give your attire a coordinated look through a consistent theme. Gold earrings with silver bangles or a colorful beaded necklace will look inconsistent.
  • Don’t wear too much jewelry. Earrings, necklace, bracelet, bangles, ankle bracelets- all at the same time will give a cluttered look. Two at a time is always fine. Rings ( not more than two in a hand) can be spared from the list. Stud earrings are also exceptions. Exclude either necklace or earrings to highlight your lower body.
  • If wearing ladies tops having long sleeves, there’s no need of a bracelet. If tops have short sleeves then a bangle or bracelet will look good. Patterned dresses don’t need necklaces.

Handbags are among the most favorite fashion accessories not only because they look attractive and give an undefinable charm to one’s personality but also because they are essential for their utility as facilitator for carrying items required on a daily basis and some other tit bits too.
Tips for Choosing the Right Handbag

    • While choosing fashion handbags always look for right style and design that suits your body shape as well as the purpose for which it is being bought.

Rhinestone Evening BraceletCrystal Earringrhinestone accessories jewelry setJewelry Necklace

  • Small bags are good for women having shorter petite figure while middle or large sized handbags are suitable to those having tall and slim figure.
  • Further, tall and slim women should carry more rounded bags while women with shorter figure must go for more angular bags.
  • Although matching colored handbags complement any dress in an exclusive way, it’s not always possible to have a cupboard full of handbags. As such, go for neutral color handbags such as blacks, browns and whites. Anyway, to pamper yourself, you can always buy a couple of bright colored handbags to match your expensive party dresses.
  • Always select handbags keeping in mind their purpose. Tote bags are good for office going purpose as they can hold a good amount of personal belongings. If they are with a number of compartments, it’s all the more good as the things could be found easily saving your time for more important office works.
  • Clutch handbags are specially designed to be carried in the hand, perfect for evening parties where you don’t need to keep your hands free for other works and you’ll find enough space to keep the very essential things in your clutch bag.
  • Satchels having large straps are also good for office purpose and also for students as they can be carried over shoulder and have enough space for your important files, documents or papers. What more, they are fashionable too.
  • Duffel bags are best options for travel purpose. Having mush space and extra compartments, these bags, some of which have wheel, trolley, and removable straps, are true travel companions.
  • Hobos, typically large having crescent shape, can be carried over shoulder. Good for office going women who don’t have to bother carrying too much of things.

Footwear is the most sought after fashion accessories that needs no introduction. Everyday, new styles of shoes and sandals are introduced in the fashion market. Shoes can make or mar one’s appearance. So, its important to select the right shoes that matches your outfit, are stylish as well as comfortable.
Tips for Choosing the Right Footwear

    • Choose footwear according to the occasion. Formal occasions need formal shoes where as casual shoes are there for daily wear. For example, leather sandals with high heels go well with womens evening gowns.
    • Flat shoes or sandals look stylish with jeans.
    • Open toe, high heeled sandals with straps go well with formal dresses.
    • Color is also important when choosing footwear. For example, a red dress matched with a shoe having a touch of red hue will definitely make a person more attractive.

Evening Clutch Bag

  • Get some neutral colored shoes too like blacks and browns as they can be matched with most of the colors.
  • Keep comfort also in view when buying shoes. Worn out shoes can lead to back pain, sore knee joints, or aching feet. Replace your shoes when you start feeling uncomfortable wearing it.
  • A good shoe gives you proper fit, support, cushioning, and flexibility.
  • Try to buy shoes late in the day, say in afternoons. Feet have the tendency to swell and if you buy a shoe right in the morning, it might feel tight when worn in the afternoon.
  • Foot size tends to change every year. So measure your foot before buying a shoe. Try to buy the shoes that are shaped like your foot.
  • The sole on the bottom of your foot must have a soft and supportive cushion.
  • While trying the shoes, take a quick walk to get a feel for the shoe. Your feet must not slide around inside and but must be a little room beyond the largest toe which should not be more than half inch.
  • Never ever buy a tight shoe.

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